April 15, 2024

2023 Presidential Elections: Adamu Garba To Refund Donations

After the announcement of the Presidential Aspirant Adamu Garba withdrawing from the position , he however, has announced he will be refunding the donations made to him.
He made this statement few hours after the announcement through his Twitter account.
“We, however, request that all those who donated online and who require a refund send an email with evidence of payment to adamugarba@adamugarba.org. I assure you of a complete refund upon request.”
Many Nigerians who were unhappy about this made comments , as some say they may not have prove of payment.
Following the complaints, Adamu Garba makes an easier way for Nigerians who donated to get back money donated.
“Some of you who donated online might have forgotten the amount. Hence we’ve requested a full statement of account from our bank.
We’ll publish the list of all the donors & their contributions. Simply highlight your name, email us your details, we’ll check & refund
This we believe will help to make it easier for the donors while also help those making claims to authenticate their claims properly.
However, we might have drop out of APC race but this is not over yet. We still have a lot more to do. We must work to rebuild Nigeria together” he says.

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