June 2, 2023

2023: Gubernatorial Aspirant Kefiano Promises To Transform Plateau State

A Gubernatorial Aspirant Chief Kefas Ropshik AKA Kefiano, has reiterated his promises to transform Plateau state to a producing state, by bringing his entrepreneurial skills to the grassroot level.
Kefiano spoke about his plans of turning Plateau state to a producing state when he made an appearance on Unity Train. The Owner of Chillers Portakabin highlighted some of his entrepreneurial accomplishments to include;
Building business from the scratch, despite being the last child of his family.
He started his business with the 200,000 his father gave him from his retirement benefit.
Today, he has adopted 15 children and have supported over 2000 widows.
He has conducted over 3900 surgeries for people in Plateau state.
Kefiano a businessman, concluded by calling on residents to seek a change from the current party, to the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

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