December 3, 2023

Drug Traffickers Arrested With 150 Bottles Of Hard Drugs Inside A Bus In Lagos

It was the end of the road for two men and a lady when they were arrested while conveying 150 bottles of liquid hard drugs popularly known as Skuchies inside a minibus to Ikorodu area of Lagos State.

Skuchies, according to information, is a cocktail of drugs combining Cannabis Sativa, Tramadol tablets, cough syrup with Codeine, Swifnol, among others, then with Zobo that makes it to be in liquid form.

This combination of drugs is mostly taken by youths which makes then become extremely high and in some cases causes some of them to develop psychological disorder after taking it.

However, three people were arrested while conveying the liquid hard drugs inside a minibus towards Igbo Agbowa in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State by the operatives of the Ikorodu Division of the state police command.

The names of those arrested were given as Francis Friday, aged 30 years; Kemi Adeyemo, aged 35 years and Nonso Orji, aged 22 years while the 150 bottles of the drugs were hidden inside three sacks.

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